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Initiative FiberCut

Fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) are becoming more widely used in many industries. The heterogeneity and anisotropy of consolidated fiber reinforced plastics has great potential for the optimization of the machining process regarding economical and ecological efficiency. Especially, there is a backlog demand in applied and basic research. The variety of different fiber reinforced plastics, which differ in their fiber matrix material, fiber orientation, panel thickness and other aspects, is an upcoming challenge for the machinability of this group of material to generate a predictable and optimal workpiece quality. To aim the advantages of this material, the production of workpieces with high quality is necessary for a stable and ressource efficient production process. The generation of basic knowledge of the machining process of fiber reinforced plastics has higher priority to develop application near solution approaches.

The Initiative FiberCut should gain such basic knowledge on a wide-ranged fundament. In subsequent projects market relevant developments can be generated. Firstly, the machining process has to be investigated for a variation of the tool geometry.

Within the last three tooling benchmarks, carbon, glass and aramid fiber reinforced plastics are machined. These materials are widely used in the industry and have a big market relevance. However, aviation certified fiber reinforced plastics should be used in the upcoming "tool investigation and development".