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Institute of Production Engineering and Photonic Technology
Univ.Prof.DI.Dr. techn.
Friedrich Bleicher

TEC-Lab - Laboratory of Production Engineering
Franz-Grill-Straße 4,
Obj. 221, E311-1
1030 Vienna, Austria

DI Gerhard Wiesinger


Daniel Finkeldei, M.Sc.



Mrs. Andrea Kavourmas

Tel.: +43-(0)1-58801-31106
Fax: +43-(0)1-58801-31195

The "Initiative FiberCut" has started at the Institute of Production Engineering and Photonic Technology (IFT) in the year of 2012. A lot of interesting topics could be researched and co-researched since the "Initiative" began. This Initiative was supported by the FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency. Moreover, different tool manufacturer test and compare cutting tools for drilling and milling operation in an anonymous way during the three tooling benchmarks 2013, 2015 and 2018. In many cases, tool manufacturer used the benchmark as a development platform to test prototype cutting tools. Our motto is highest secrecy and confidentiality.

After three successful tooling benchmarks a new development platform should be installed. In this way, a continuously working development program called "tool investigation and development" has been created. The registration is open and interested tool manufacturer can contact Mr. Daniel Finkeldei for participating.

Actually, we are working for our new FFG project "FiberCut III". Interested project partners from industrial applications, tool manufacturer and machine parts are kindly invited to participate in this project.

We are looking forward to a good collaboration in advance and for new cooperations in research and development of this advanced material.