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Finishing operation

While non-cutting production processes have been found in finishing in recent years, such as jet cutting processes, the machining process can hardly be avoided. If complex structures should be made of FRP, it is generally necessary to set drilling and milling operations in order to machine joints or to create connection dimensions.

Nonetheless, abrasive grinding of fiber composite structures has become an increasingly popular alternative to drilling and milling operations in recent years. The low depth of cut which is present in this manufacturing process results in reduced cutting forces and improved surface qualities. For example, various metal-cutting studies have shown that delamination [1], fraying and splintering can be reduced.

Even with the current state of the Art in manufacturing and technology in general, such finishing operations pose major obstacles to produce high quality end products reproducibly and economically.



[1] Geis, T. Klingelhöller, C., Hintze, W.: Constant depth scoring of fibre reinforced plastic structures to prevent delamination.
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