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Institute of Production Engineering and Photonic Technology
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Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) belong to the group of high-performance materials, together with aluminum, nickel-based and titanium alloys. Their material properties allow it to establish a lightwight character for components together with aluminum and titanium alloys. As its name implies, this material consists of hard  tensile fibers embedded in an epoxy matrix. These fibers are woven in layers, so that the orientation of each layer contributing the overall strength of the composite. The diverse combination of the various fibers and plastic resin systems which are available on the market enables the aforementioned variety of composites.

The possibilites of the FRP are increasingly used in the design of mass products. The enormous variety of this class of material and the characteristic features of the special composites make it possible to define a wide variety of applications in which more efficient and higher qualitative components can be created.

The turnaround to this material group is mainly characterized by the lightweight potential of these materials. There are new opportunities in the design of functional components when a mass reduction of each component can result in higher performance or less energy consumption. Likewise, more dynamic processes and larger components can be realized, which in turn bring economical and ecological advantages.